Before Marriage Counseling Guide

Marriage CounselingBefore marriage counseling can help to establish a relationship especially for new couples at risk. This counseling can help in multiple ways and is something couples should consider before marriage. Since divorce rates continue to rise in the United States, many couples are approaching marriage with increasing caution. Americans are still opting for marriage in general, but many are looking for opportunities to damage-proof their relationships before they say “I do.” Before marriage counseling is just one approach couples are taking.

Marriage family counseling, like any couples counseling, is usually facilitated by a skilled family therapist. These professionals have experience in the field, usually with a degree in psychology or counseling. Sometimes members of the clergy also provide these types of services. The function of marriage family counseling is has several objectives. The first is to assist couples in developing skills to navigate their way through marriage successfully. Marriage counseling questions can be asked to determine the man and the woman’s outlook on marriage and see how they fit and can work with their relationship. The second portion is to identify and if possible resolve areas of difference between couples. Many of these issues raises may become a source of conflict later in the relationship.

Many professionals performing pre-marital counseling will use marriage counseling questions to help identify these potential difficulties. The most commonly used instrument is called the PreMarital Inventory (PMI). It is widely available to clinicians and clergy. The PMI addresses the following areas, all of which are common discussion grounds in pre-marital counseling. The device will assess the interests and activities to see if there is some fit between couples. It will also examine the role expectations and personal adjustment characteristics of the person. It is also important to learn about the interpersonal communication skills and the religion and philosophy of the two people.

Most importantly, it is good to learn about the marriage expectations and possible family issues that people may have. Marriage deals with a lot of different aspects of people’s lives, including finances, children, parenting and sexuality. Therefore it is good to be sure that the two people are aware of things before they get to be a big deal once the couple is actually married. A little investment up front can save a lot of headache and stress later.

Marriage and counseling can help a young couple to enter into a wonderful life together and should be considered in some of these situations. It is especially important when the couple is young and have never been married. Some states such as California, even require by law that individuals under the age of 18 complete pre-marital counseling before the wedding. Marriage and counseling can even help when one partner is “commitment-phobic” or when a couple cannot resolve significant issues. Many of these revolve around money, parenting, household responsibility, work, sex, etc. The time to fix them them is before marriage, not after. Counseling can also be of help when one or both partners have a previously failed marriage and want to avoid repeating the same mistakes with before marriage counseling.

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