Important Questions To Ask Before Marriage

There are many different before marriage questions that couple may want to ask before getting marriend. People should really know a lot about the person that they are going to marry before they exchange rings. That is why certain questions to ask before marriage can be important. Many of these come from experience with long term relationships, others just make sense. The purpose of marriage counseling questions is to help assess the other person as a potential match and figure out if two people are really good for each other.

Here are some of the questions that people should ask and how they might be helpful.

Do you want to have children?
One of the key issues in any marriage relates to children and families. Couples should ask that question right up front in order to learn more about what the other person thinks.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
This question gets to a person’s life goals. Partners should see if their interests and outlook is in alignment to figure out if the person is right for them. This is one of many questions to ask before marriage that helps people to recognize where they want the relationship to go and how to get there.

Do you enjoy cooking and cleaning?
Someone is going to have to take care of the house. Usually one person will have a stronger opinion about it and be dominant. Known who that person is and how they expect things to occur in the house it good to establish up front.

What are your expectations about living together?
If people think that marriage is going to be days of bliss, think again. Those who live together are going to have good times and bad. So people should know what sort of expectations exist. This question usually is answered in comparison to parents or media relationships. Things might be very different though in real life or for a new generation.

What are your interests and activities?
The more things two people have in common the more likely they are going to understand each other. Even though opposites attract, two people can be too different to get along well with each other.

What is your opinion on religion and faith?
Marriage requires that two people begin to come together in beliefs as they have to spend a lot of time with each other. Those who have very different belief systems tend to have problems. Sometimes this does not come out up front. But the problem will most likely occur as you try to teach kids about life.

It is always good to know some of these issues before the disappointment begins and starts a marital strife. Good marriage counseling questions can help the relationship and the people learn to grow with one another. They are not going to bring up additional problems, just expose those that already exist. These general guidelines and examples for before marriage questions are helpful to assess a partner and start a good marriage.

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